About JVN Heart Hospital

JVN Heart hospital is being initiated by Dr. Vikas Kumar (MBBS, MD in General Medicine ,DM Cardiology) who had been working since last many years as a renowned Cardiologist of Varanasi, India. With the launch pad of this heart specialty hospital in Patna, Dr. Vikas Kumar aims to provide the world class and fastest cardio care to the patients located worldwide.

Molded with the best-in-class systems and fully capable and experienced professionals, JVN heart hospital is all set to provide a holistic approach to the patients suffering from various heart diseases. Here, you can expect the highest quality care with the fastest evolvement of the best medical treatments and that too at competitive prices.

Located in Patna, the hospital stands ahead on the basis of facilities, infrastructure, patient care, medical treatments and safety. In terms of best private heart care treatment in India, JVN aims to lead the long queue.

why choose us

Why choose JVN?

• A highly skilled team of medical professionals is always available to perform break through surgeries.
• Always stay ahead on implementing new and updated technology that helps in treating the patients with best care.
• Specialist doctors, specialized care unit with necessary equipments are available to serve different needs of the patients.


‘Our mission is to provide high quality and fastest heart care treatments at affordable pricing to the patients suffering from various heart ailments. We aim to deliver satisfactory treatments to the patients using latest technological advancements and following code of ethics.’


We work on the vision to satisfy the patients with every treatment and practices we follow. We follow the vision to provide the related support and services exceeding the patient’s expectations. Our aim is to remove the monetary barriers that come along the way to get a healthy heart life.

Our core values

• Highest quality care
• Exceeded customer satisfaction
• High performance with great results
• Evolvement of ethical practices
• Timely innovation on the practice front